The ParlWork application presents parliamentary information sourced from various parliamentary applications including the Chamber Department’s Table Office Production System (TOPS) and the Department of Parliamentary Service’s (DPS) ParlInfo Search (PIS). Purposely built for Parliamentarians, the application provides access to chamber specific information in a consolidated view, accessible from any device, anywhere with a connection to the internet and a web browser.

The ParlWork application allows access to the following parliamentary information:

  • Motions and Orders of the Day before the parliament;
  • Bills before the parliament including bill related information / material;
  • the current item of business before the Senate, House or Federation Chamber(s);
  • upcoming items of business before the Senate, House or Federation Chamber(s); and
  • the Senate’s Dynamic Red and House’s Live Minutes.

Future stages are planned for the application which include:

  • the addition of a ‘Questions’ page - integrating the Senate’s Questions on Notice and the House’s Question’s in Writing, allowing users an intuitive way to search the questions and answers before the Chambers; and
  • the addition of a ‘Committees’ page - allowing users an intuitive way to browse committee information from both houses including access to committee reports and related documents.

We seek feedback from our users in order to improve the service offered by the site. Please provide feedback via email to the ParlWork support team. The information will only be used for the purpose for which it was requested and will not be distributed further, or disclosed, without your consent.